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Like many CrossFit gyms around the country, we're not here to tell you we have all the best equipment, a state of the art sound system or hundreds of TikTok followers. What we do have is a community, the space and most importantly the people to help you achieve your fitness goals in an environment that is welcoming, driven and there to support you every step of the way.



Our CrossFit space has everything you need for your functional work out. With eight squat platforms, two extra high Wolverson rigs and floor space to cater for classes of up to 16 and higher.

With brand new Wolverson kit, supplemented by Concept 2 and Assault Fitness Ergs and it's an adult's playground for you to enjoy. 


The Hang Out is our social area. Grab a Fat Dragon Coffee, Red Bull or a protein shake after class and chill with your friends and fellow athletes.

We want to create a space for people to relax as well as train, so settle in on one of our comfy leather sofas, plug in your laptop to our breakfast bar and send a few emails or grab one of the latest CrossFit reads from our book share. Just... hang out. 


Having trained in a number of boxes around the globe the one thing that we always appreciated was a regular Open Gym. That's why we have The Studio. It is a space that no matter how busy the class is, there will always be room for members to follow their own programming, work on weaknesses, mobilise and train when it's convenient to them outside of a class environment.

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